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As D&H-A true clothing company, we want to help to shape a successful future: through partnership with our suppliers, customers, intelligent solutions, reliability, trust and cooperation.

The world is facing enormous challenges: population growth, increasing urbanizations, ever- scarcer resources, severe recession, and increasing environmental stress. The clothing industry can and must help to master these tasks. As a clothing company D&H is committed to play a key role wherever we operate.

Both local and global competition is getting stronger in terms of speed and performance - for us and for our suppliers, customers. Cost efficiency without sacrificing quality, speed and innovations are what it takes to be successful in the market.

To meet these demands, we need a distinctive identity, a clearly defined orientation, and binding principles to follow in our everyday working lives.

Who we are, what we do, how do we act and where are we heading?

In the following section, we share the answers to these questions with our employees, our business partners and all interested parties.

Where we were (Evolution)

Two energetic, self-motivated young professionals established a clothing company in UK named D&H Fashions Ltd. (www.dnhfashions.com) in 2010 specializing in import, export and wholesale catering UK and European Market.

One of the principal partners, Md. Abdul Hakim Bhuiyan a Cost & Management Accountant who held senior finance roles with BASF Bangladesh Ltd., (a sister concern of BASF AG Germany) has been involved in Supply Chain and Commercial Operations since 1988. He decided to start a business.

Mr. Bhuiyan, always felt there are scope for clothing business from Bangladesh, the 2 nd largest exporter in the world.

Who we are

  • We, the D&H Fashions Ltd, is a UK based importer, exporter, wholesaler and buying agent of Ready Made Garments (Cloths) established in the year 2010. Our product ranges from kids to men and women of all ages. Types includes shirts, trousers, sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, polo shirts, leggings. Fabrics are mostly cotton but poly-cotton and synthetic fibers are also used.

  • Our journey started from 2010.

  • Our employees are the key to success. Their passion, pioneering spirit and professionalism have helped us to expand.

  • Each individual employee in every functional area and in every position helps to write our success story. We work together as a team to shape a successful future.

Md. Abdul Hakim Bhuiyan, M. Com, MBA, FCMA, MCFC, BSCM

Mr. Bhuiyan is a highly successful personality all the way his career. He is educated from both home and abroad having double post-graduation (M.Com & MBA) degrees in finance & MBA, Dhaka University (IBA). He is a Fellow Cost & Management Accountant (FCMA). His foreign education includes CPIM from Accenture, USA, CFC from USA and various training from abroad in Finance, Accounts and Supply Chain area. A widely traveled man covering Far-East and Europe having 20 years of service experience in the field of finance & accounts in private, public and multinational company.

Mr. Bhuiyan had acted as a lecturer, question setter and paper examiner of ICMAB, and many other universities in Bangladesh. Also wrote several articles on several topics published in different professional journals including ICMAB Journal, Dhaka University Studies-C on Budget, strategic management, materials management etc. Also wrote a lesson notes on International Business, published by ICMAB. Previously he wrote a book on Production Technology for the student of ICMAB.

In brief:

  1. Name of the Company: D&H Fashions Ltd
  2. Address of this company : 36 Fowler Road, Hainault Business Park, Ilford, IG6 3UT
  3. Head office : As above
  4. Legal Status : A private company limited by shares Registered with companies house, United Kingdom.


To run a clothing company in a socially responsible manner exploring new and innovative scope and ideas. Also to create, earn, grow and remain with a sustainable development and to broaden the scope over time by developing, enhancing and professionally manage business as an alternative form of environment friendly, economic and convenient clothing for mass people and discharge social responsibilities.

What we do

We do clothing import, export and wholesale business. A basic requirement for profitable growth of our business is to earn a premium on our cost of capital. It's what keeps us attractive to investors, and in turn open up opportunities to reinforce our leadership position.

We want to understand our customers' as well as we understand our own: Only then, can we help our customers to be win. And we must recognize what our customers need tomorrow- in order to develop innovative products and intelligent solutions in partnership with them to increase their comfort.

To achieve that, we need to form the best team in industry: committed and qualified employees, who together make D&H's success. By combining economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility, we ensure sustainable development. That is our contribution to a better future for us and coming generations.

How we act

Our D&H brand expresses what our customers, shareholders, society and other partners can expect from us. We symbolize this with our trade logo: D&H stands for our sincerity, dedication, tradition and strengths.

We invest our expertise and all our passion in keeping that promise. Thereby, our actions are guided by a binding value system. Our values and Principles form the basis for D&H’s corporate actions and set standards for each individual employee. Our leadership compass guides and inform D&H managers in their interactions with their teams. To this, all our managers clearly express their commitment.

We lead the way in a professional manner, passionately, innovatively according to our values and principles.

Our values and Principles

  • Sustainable profitable performance
  • Innovation for the comfort of our customers.
  • Safety, health and environmental Responsibility
  • Personal and professional competence
  • Mutual respect and Open dialogue
  • Integrity

Our leadership compass

  • Providing for clarity and demonstrate a sense of reality
  • Promoting and demonstrating enthusiasm and inspiration
  • Being a role model for performance and speed
  • Demonstrating strategic and operational leadership

Where we are heading-Vision

  • Will be a one of the leading clothing companies in Europe supported by a very good start, grow and succeed through innovative management;
  • Will generate a high return on assets for the investors;
  • Clients/customers will view D&H as their partner of choice;
  • Market will be whole world gradually;
  • Portfolio will be shaped by core competencies;
  • Will welcome change as an opportunity;
  • Employees will be the key to success; and
  • To go into the Capital market of UK within next 5 years;


From the above importance the following goals are set:

  • To run a clothing business with a view to manage professionally;
  • To ensure clothing is affordable for the mass people;
  • To promote clean and healthy environment for all; and
  • To create employment opportunities.


The main strategies of the company is to bring quality cloth, create high value of the company, utilize innovative ideas of management, ensure participatory management style, maintain high ethical standard, pay more importance on the customers/clients, employees & their creativity and mankind.


Success of any undertaking is highly dependent on its efficient management. Efficient management is also dependent on a very good leader. Without having professionally competent leader and/or management system, it is proved that no organization can sustain over time. The company is organized its resources keeping in mind the necessity of its efficient management and diversified functional areas like, management, marketing, financial management and technical management etc. The overall management of the company is vested on Board of Directors consisting of a group of young, energetic, self-motivated, highly educated/experienced professionals with high ambition to rise/grow. Operational management is vested to appointed people with vast experience in clothing, worked in national, multinational and government organizations and will appoint people as and when required. Proper training with appropriate financial package has been provided with a view to create an environment for participatory management to explore and use innovative ideas.

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